Cryptowatch launches Blockchain Metrics Charts with Coin Metrics

Since 2014, Cryptowatch charts have served traders with robust data from across the crypto ecosystem, integrated with technical analysis tools, alerts, and trade execution across exchanges. 

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re expanding the capability of our charts to also include blockchain data – like mining hash rate, transaction fee metrics or on-chain transfer volume  – for Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

We’ve integrated data from Coin Metrics so you can view 45 different on-chain metrics in the distinctive Cryptowatch chart format you know and love – with TA and drawing tools at your disposal. Data for each metric updates daily, so these charts are best viewed in mountain or line style rather than candlestick. 

Tip when viewing blockchain metrics: Use the Mountain or Line chart. Add TA and even Tweets.

As with any Cryptowatch chart, you can set alerts, layer over technical analysis indicators, add drawings or even paste Tweet stickers on your charts.

You can quickly find any metric just by searching for it in the search bar. 

For more detail on each of these metrics, check out our documentation on blockchain metrics. Here’s the full list of data points supported for Bitcoin and Ethereum by category: 

Daily Active Address Count BTCETH
Market-Value-to-Realized-Value (MVRV) RatioBTC
Market Cap (in USD)BTCETH
Realized Market Cap (in USD)BTC
30 Days Volatility BTCETH
60 Days VolatilityBTCETH
180 Days VolatilityBTCETH
Network Usage
Total Number of BlocksBTCETH
Block Size (in Bytes)BTCETH
Mean Block Size (in Bytes)BTC
Mean Network DifficultyBTCETH
Mean Transaction Fee (in native units)BTCETH
Mean Transaction Fee (in USD)BTCETH
Median Transaction Fee (in USD)BTCETH
Total Fees (in native units)BTCETH
Total Fees (in USD)BTCETH
Total Issuance (in native units)BTCETH
Total Issuance (in USD)BTCETH
Number of TransactionsBTCETH
Number of TransfersBTCETH
Native Units TransferredBTCETH
Native Units Transferred (in USD)BTCETH
Native Units Transferred -adjusted metricBTCETH
Native Units Transferred (in USD) – adjusted metricBTCETH
Search is the fastest way to find any metric or chart in Cryptowatch.

What on-chain metrics or blockchains do you want to see added to Cryptowatch next? Let us know by tagging us @cryptowat_ ch on Twitter.

Happy trading,

The Cryptowatch Team

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