Launching CME Futures on Cryptowatch

Many of you traders out there who started trading in the crypto markets received a baptism by fire. You sent blockchain transactions and international wire transfers to venues with nothing more than a landing page and an off-shore P.O. box. You dealt with exchange outages, experimented with new high leverage derivative offerings, and withstood volatility that’s unimaginable in traditional finance. All of that was, and still is, a big part of the life of a crypto trader. 

However, this industry is growing up — fast. Traditional players who have operated derivatives markets for over a century are now offering CFTC-certified contracts for the biggest crypto assets, getting large institutions with massive bankrolls to finally join in. 

One of these institutions is the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or the CME. Today the CME offers Bitcoin and Ether futures as well as traditional marketplaces on everything from crude oil to fresh bacon.

Now on Cryptowatch: CME Futures Contracts for BTC, ETH, and Eurodollars

Today, we’re proud to announce Cryptowatch is listing a beta release of CME futures contracts for Bitcoin, Ether, and Eurodollars. In order to offer these for free, we serve up data for each contract with a 10 minute delay. 

Our team also built a Continuous Futures chart for each symbol – Bitcoin, Ether, and Eurodollars – which provides full price history by always using the front most active futures contract for the asset. 

Check out the new Continuous charts on Cryptowatch with the buttons below. 

All CME contracts are now available for viewing on the Web and Desktop products, and support all the charting and alerting tools available on Cryptowatch today. Weekends and nights will show as missing candles –  but will not affect the integrity of our technical analysis – just as you’ve come to expect from charting tools. 

CME markets on Cryptowatch Desktop

Please note that due to redistribution limitations from the CME, Cryptowatch is unable to offer CME market data to traders via our market data APIs at this time.

History of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

The CME was originally founded in 1898 as an agricultural commodities exchange, helping to finance and ease trade of commodities coming from the American Midwest and Great Plains to population centers throughout the rest of the country. 

Throughout the last century, the exchange also known as “the Merc” has steadily grown to offer options and futures contracts for a wide variety of currencies, commodities and indices. The CME Group, which owns other major exchanges such as the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), and Commodity Exchange (COMEX), is currently the largest options and futures exchange in the world by open trading interest

More Details on Cryptowatch’s CME Charts

For more details on our implementation of CME Futures charts, including the Continuous Futures charts and various limitations of the data offering, please visit our CME Exchange Documentation.

We do plan to add more CME contracts and also the option to see trading data in real-time: look out for further updates on our blog and @cryptowat_ch on Twitter.

Thank you for using our charts and tools to do your best in these markets.

Happy trading,

The Cryptowatch Team

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