Crypto Fight Night: Barney vs Korean Jew

About Crypto Fight Night

Last year a bunch of basement-dwelling crypto bros got drunk and started to argue about who could take who in a fight. As grown drunk men with too much money usually do, they decided to settle the matter with their fists. This is how Crypto Fight Night started.

Crypto Fight Night is back and it’s bigger, better, and badder than before. Cryptowatch joins the fray to host this year’s Crypto Fight Night livestream.

Join us and thousands of other crypto degenerates to watch your favorite traders and online personalities put down their keyboards and duke it out in the ring live in Dubai! 


The boi returns! Ready for his second crypto fight night, the self proclaimed “medieval village baker” is back to defend his undefeated boxing record against fight night newcomer Korean Jew. Find out if gainzy will end up buying barney another victory rolex, if Ice Bagz can help him find a gf in Dubai (to make his grandfather proud) or if ‘the boi’ plans to enter the ring intoxicated again! You can watch Barney LIVE on Saturday November 12th, only on Cryptowatch

Twitter Handle@barneytheboi
Fighting record1-0
Height/Weight/Reach6’2 / 182 lbs / 186 cm
Top Crypto HoldingINJ
Favorite NFT CollectionNone

What is your main motivation to get in the ring? How long have you been training for this fight?

To please rookie. I’ve been training for two weeks. 

What fight predictions do you want to make for fight night?

Me. Joey. Charles. Ice. Swanson. Adam.

Photo 11-10-22, 12 58 00.jpg

Would you fight again? Who do you want to faceoff with next? 

Yes, I want the belt and I want to fight rookie.

What’s your plan after you win?

I’m going to drink tequila from rookies shoes.

Photo 11-10-22, 12 58 41.jpg

Korean Jew

KJ enters the ring this year, shredded and in the best shape of his life trying to take down the house favorite barneytheboi. Training hardcore for the last 6 months with enough time to post some training videos from his house, KoreanJew is primed for his bout and bookies are giving him almost 1:1 odds on the betting lines. You can watch Korean Jew LIVE on Saturday November 12th, only on Cryptowatch.

Twitter Handle@koreanjewcrypto
Fighting record0-0
Height/Weight/Reach5’10 / 170lbs
Top Crypto HoldingSOL
Favorite NFT CollectionBuddabears

What is your main motivation to get in the ring? How long have you been training for this fight?

It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid, a bucket list item. I’ve been training for six months.

What aspect of training comes most naturally to you? What is the hardest part about training?

Pushing yourself to your limit each day and trying to go a little further. It’s something I had to learn in wrestling.

Photo 11-10-22, 12 53 35.jpg

What weaknesses do you see in your opponent’s fighting game? 

 Cardio, technique, tbh a lot of flaws but he’s big and has a heart which is something you can’t teach.

What’s your plan after you win?

 Party and chill with crypto people.

Photo 11-10-22, 12 55 28.jpg

Would you fight again? Who do you want to face off with next? 

I like to travel spontaneously and with friends and loved ones. Not a big fan of having some planned itinerary, just go with the flow, take advice from people you meet, do fun stuff.

As to who I’d fight, I’m not sure. I’d like to fight the winner of the title fight and maybe bitlord, cousin crypto, or Ben Askren.

Ready to watch Barney vs Korean Jew? Fight Night begins Saturday November 12th at 3pm UTC. Sign up for Cryptowatch and get the fight livestream on your device for FREE. 

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