Crypto Fight Night: Charles Read vs Roy Blackstone

About Crypto Fight Night

Last year a bunch of basement-dwelling crypto bros got drunk and started to argue about who could take who in a fight. As grown drunk men with too much money usually do, they decided to settle the matter with their fists. This is how Crypto Fight Night started.

Crypto Fight Night is back and it’s bigger, better, and badder than before. Cryptowatch joins the fray to host this year’s Crypto Fight Night livestream.

Join us and thousands of other crypto degenerates to watch your favorite traders and online personalities put down their keyboards and duke it out in the ring live in Dubai! 

Charles Read

Charles Read, founder of, is one of the few crypto fighters this year that trained long before he chose to step into the ring for the 2nd annual Crypto Fight Night. Taught by fellow crypto fighter, Adam Cragmile, Read is ready to begin his semi-professional boxing career against fellow Crypto Twitter fighter Roy Blackstone. If he’s not meme-ing about Cryptodickbutts, he’s been in the ring trading jabs. Don’t miss Read’s boxing debut on Saturday, November 12th, 2022 @ 3pm UTC only at

Twitter Handle@chatwithcharles
Fighting recordAbout to be 1-0
Top Crypto HoldingUSDC
Favorite NFT CollectionCryptodickbutts

Photo 11-10-22, 13 39 07.jpg

Want to make any fight predictions on the night?

I think Barney might surprise the doubters. He’s got good ring experience from last year and he’s taller than KJ. That said, it won’t be an easy fight for either of them. A lot of my friends are fighting each other so it’s difficult to pick favorites. 

What is your main motivation to get in the ring? How long have you been training for this fight?

I have been training consistently for a year so I’m ready. I have always loved boxing and combat sports.I have a lot of respect for fighters. It’s easy to sit online and trade but it’s not easy to get in the ring. I did this for a number of reasons, but to be honest, it was quite easy for me to adapt and it will continue to be a big part of my life.

Who is your coach? Who has he trained?

Adam Craigmile was my coach. He won last year at a Celebrity Fight Night event. Adam is a seasoned amateur fighter who has had over 40 amateur bouts and will go Pro in the upcoming event. More recently we have also both been training with Waleed Din, a seasoned 10-win professional who coaches out of RBO in Al Quoz. In April, I also got the chance to go on the pads with Osmar Oliveira, a seasoned MMA professional who accompanied Mike Tyson. Adam has trained a number of other fighters on the card. Waleed and RBO have put many professionals through to victories including a recent victory for the WBO Youth World Champion, Usman Wazeer, who won by stoppage in the 5th round.

Photo 11-10-22, 13 37 20.jpg

What’s your plan after you win?

Perhaps a visit to the Bahamas and a nice stiff drink.

Photo 11-10-22, 13 38 54.jpg

Would you fight again? Who do you want to faceoff with next?

I do intend to fight again. Really, I would like to fight for a WBC Crypto Belt.

Who is your dream fight with?

RookieXBT for the belt. Ring it up, Mo.

Roy Blackstone

A published fantasy writer, Roy Blackstone is making his debut in the ring at Crypto Fight Night 2022 in Dubai. The underdog as of today on the betting lines, Roy has proven himself in the crypto markets but now it’s time to prove his skills in the ring. Watch Roy LIVE on Saturday, November 12th only on Cryptowatch

Twitter Handle@fillbeforeshill
Fighting record0-0
Top Crypto Holding$ETH
Favorite NFT CollectionGoblinis

Photo 11-10-22, 13 01 14.jpg

Do you have any fight predictions for the other bouts?

I think Korean Jew is massively overbought right now (I love you though, KJ❤️). He’s been training his ass off but I strongly believe he runs out of energy in the later rounds.

What is your main motivation to get in the ring? How long have you been training for this fight?

I’ve already tested myself in the world’s most dangerous markets. Why not test myself in a dangerous sport too?

Who is your coach? Who has he trained?

Mattia Cammarano is my coach from Italy. He’s been a professional trainer for years now and he’s been boxing for decades! Make sure to scope his instagram @mattia.camma. He’s worked with tons of local talent including Italian amateurs as well as one of Phemex’s leads (they’re sponsoring me in the fight!).

Photo 11-10-22, 13 00 20.jpg

What weaknesses do you see in your opponent’s fighting game? 

I think my opponent has a lot of pressure coming into this fight to win it. He is the crowd favorite after all! I’ll definitely be less anxious coming in.

Photo 11-10-22, 13 02 13.jpg

How long have you been training for this fight? What’s your favorite strike?

One year now! I love the jab. 👊

Do you trade on margin and/or leverage? What’s your best and/or worst trades?

Yes and yes. Best trade? Raiblocks at 4 million dollars FDV. Rode it up about 100x before selling. Worst trade? Selling Raiblocks at 100x before it went 1000x.   🤣🤦

Would you fight again? Who do you want to faceoff with next?

I’d totally challenge Vladimir Putin.

Ready to watch Charles Read vs Roy Blackstone? Fight Night begins Saturday November 12th at 3pm UTC. Sign up for Cryptowatch and get the fight livestream on your device for FREE.

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