Crypto Fight Night: Ice Bagz vs Erik Velie

About Crypto Fight Night

Last year a bunch of basement-dwelling crypto bros got drunk and started to argue about who could take who in a fight. As grown drunk men with too much money usually do, they decided to settle the matter with their fists. This is how Crypto Fight Night started.

Crypto Fight Night is back and it’s bigger, better, and badder than before. Cryptowatch joins the fray to host this year’s Crypto Fight Night livestream.

Join us and thousands of other crypto degenerates to watch your favorite traders and online personalities put down their keyboards and duke it out in the ring live in Dubai! 

Ice Bagz

Leader of the Kanpai Pandas and a newbie to the ring, Ice Bagz was determined to push himself to the limits. He took this opportunity to get back into shape and accept the physical discomfort of training his body and mind. His goal? To show his children that it’s possible to do anything at any age. When he’s not setting a good example for the next generation, you can probably find him at a bar fighting his friends. You can watch Ice Bagz LIVE on Saturday November 12th, only on Cryptowatch

Twitter Handle@DaRealMilkBagz
Fighting record45-0 in bars
Height/Weight/Reach6’2 / 205 / 75”
Top Crypto Holding$raini
Favorite NFT CollectionKanpai Pandas

Photo 11-10-22, 13 22 36.jpg

What is your main motivation to get in the ring? How long have you been training for this fight?

I just turned 40 this year and had never boxed. I wanted to prove to myself that I could take on the physical challenge of getting in shape and learning a skill set in a short period of time. I also wanted to show my kids that anything is possible if they put their minds to it. I want them to push themselves mentally and physically. I’ll have been training for 3 months by fight night.

Who is your coach? What aspect of training comes most naturally to you? 

Roy Jones Jr. He played college sports and understands how to train and prepare.

What weaknesses do you see in your opponent’s fighting game? 

I don’t know anything about my opponent’s game. I know he’s tough as nails so I’m not underestimating anything in this fight.

What’s your plan after you win?

After the fight I plan to party with my boys for a few days.

Would you fight again? Who do you want to faceoff with next?

I’d potentially fight again. Let’s see what happens on November 12.

Who is your dream fight with?

I don’t have a dream fight but maybe Jake Paulwhite_check_mark eyes raised_hands::skin-tone-4

Erik Velie

Erik Velie is loud on socials and thinks he’s going to take this fight in two rounds and is ready for Crypto Fight Night. Based out of Los Angeles and general counsel to the nyocollective fund, Erik will bring his left hook to Dubai to face off with Ice Bagz on Saturday, November 12th, only on Cryptowatch.

Twitter Handle@Grimace85
Fighting record5-0
Height/Weight/Reach6ft 200lbs 
Top Crypto HoldingBTC
Favorite NFT CollectionAnonymice

Sparring Session 09042022-22.jpg

Best way to travel?

First class with rookie and Charles Reed.

Any fight predictions for the other bouts?

Bagz will quit in two rounds.

Sparring Session 09252022-61.jpg

What weaknesses do you see in your opponent’s fighting game? 

Not sure. I haven’t seen him on film but I’m assuming he hasn’t trained harder than me.

What’s your favorite strike? What’s your plan after you win?

Left hook. Hang out with the boys.

Photo 11-10-22, 13 31 22.jpg

Would you fight again? Who do you want to faceoff with next? 

Yes, I want Altcoin Psycho

Ready to watch Ice Bagz vs Erik Velie? Fight Night begins Saturday November 12th at 3pm UTC. Sign up for Cryptowatch and get the fight livestream on your device for FREE. 

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