How to claim your Crypto Fight Night NFT

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with POAP to release an exclusive Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) NFT for those turning into the Crypto Fight Night livestream.

Apart from just looking cool, your POAP NFT verifies your attendance at Crypto Fight Night 2022.

The full NFT will be revealed during the Crypto Fight Night livestream on Sat Nov 12

Non-fungible token fans will be able to claim their Crypto Fight Night NFT during the official livestream. To be ready to claim, users will need to download the POAP mobile app and register an email address or wallet before the claim period begins.

We expect the 5 minute POAP claim window to commence approximately mid-way through the show, but keep an eye on our official Crypto Fight Night livestream and also the Cryptowatch twitter account for a 15 minute warning prior to the NFT drop.

When the 5 minute claim period opens, we will reveal a secret word (only on the stream) for collectors to claim their blockchain based non-fungible token.

For details on tuning into Crypto Fight Night 2022, check out our blog post here. See you on Fight Night, crypto fans 🥊

About Crypto Fight Night

Last year a bunch of basement-dwelling crypto bros got drunk and started to argue about who could take who in a fight. As grown drunk men with too much money usually do, they decided to settle the matter with their fists. This is how Crypto Fight Night started.

Crypto Fight Night is back and it’s bigger, better, and badder than before. Cryptowatch joins the fray to host this year’s Crypto Fight Night livestream.

Join us and thousands of other crypto degenerates to watch your favorite traders and online personalities put down their keyboards and duke it out in the ring live in Dubai! 

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