New Cryptofinance features: portfolio, blockchain, DEX and NFT data 

We are excited to share new features for Cryptofinance to help you create your own personalized crypto trading and analysis tools using Google Sheets.

Our Cryptofinance browser plugin now supports price and trade data from 33+ exchanges, 1000+ assets, 3 blockchains, 10000+ NFT collections, plus all your Cryptowatch portfolio and trading data!

New features and quality of life upgrades in our latest release include:

  • Returning multiple metrics from multiple markets with a single call
  • Pulling portfolio data & historical trade data from your Cryptowatch account
  • Querying wallet balances and holdings on BTC, ETH, and BSC blockchains
  • Integrating decentralized exchange data
  • Integrating OpenSea NFT data

To get access to new CF features and receive new feature updates automatically in the future, add our new official sheets extension.

Batch Formulas

Fetch multiple markets and attributes for a single call

Portfolio Data

If your Cryptowatch account is connected to exchanges, you’ll be able to pull current holdings, orders, and historical trades

Tip: Check what exchanges your Cryptowatch account is connected to and add new API keys here

Blockchain data

You can now pull wallet balances & holdings for BTC, ETH, and BSC blockchains.

Data from decentralized exchanges

Cryptofinance now supports decentralized exchange data for uniswap-v3, sushiswap, traderjoe, and pancakeswap. 

NFT data from Opensea 

Users can also pull comprehensive NFT data from Opensea.

Creating your own spreadsheets using Blockchain data has never been easier. Check out the Cryptofinance guide and start building your next trading tool today!

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