Controllers for Cryptowatch

With insane highs, devastating lows, and out-of-this-world turns of events, trading crypto can sometimes feel like a videogame. 

Videogames combine the thrill of exploring new fantastical worlds, the rush of digitized success, and the need to deftly respond to novel situations with your brain and fingers. All of these exist in crypto trading, just with higher stakes. 

At Cryptowatch, we want to supply crypto traders with tools that fit their unique style. Just like some players find a mouse and keyboard clunky for Warzone or Counter-Strike, this common computer interface holds back certain crypto traders. 

Today, we’re proud to announce that traders now have a new input option for mastering the markets: the console controller. 

Introducing Cryptowatch Console Controller Support

Today, we’re introducing support for the popular Playstation and Xbox console controllers on our Web platform. 

Traders already love using hotkeys to trade quicker on Cryptowatch Web and manage their custom dashboards on Cryptowatch Desktop. With a controller, you’ll never need to touch the mouse again to execute trades or monitor prices. You’ll even be able to feel the markets move right in the palm of your hands via haptic feedback.

Cryptowatch Web Trading Controls

On Cryptowatch Web, you can now trade, chart, and post with a controller from any charts page. 

Traders can buy with the right trigger and sell with the left. Press both bumpers to take a Snapshot of your chart and post it in Cryptowatch Chat with a preset message like “BTFD”, “CME gap filling soon”, or “Counter trading Peter Schiff” – which are a few of the most common strategies we hear traders discussing.  

Up on the D-pad will post the last tweet you viewed on your chart as a Tweet Sticker, so you can quickly construct takedowns and post them in the Chat or on Twitter. 

The right stick manipulates orders and allows you to control our revolutionary Trade Changer feature, which can tidy up your past trades to transform those liquidations into profit. 

Not doing so hot in the markets, never fear – pressing B (Circle) will notify your wife’s boyfriend to pick up a pack of Ramen on the way home.

Finally, we’ve also integrated Cryptowatch with Uber Eats, so a quick press of X (Square) can re-order @PepeXBT’s last Starbucks breakfast.

Getting Started with Controllers

To get started with a controller, you’ll need to connect any existing Playstation or Xbox controller to your computer. Once connected, the controller will initiate a Diamond Hands ™ test by vibrating at quake-level intensity for 30 seconds. If you can manage to hold on, you’re all set. 

Happy April Fools, 

The Cryptowatch Team

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