Cryptowatch Desktop is Here

For 6 years, people have relied on Cryptowatch as a real-time view of thousands of crypto markets. Today, we’re releasing a native desktop application which takes things to the next level, available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

A custom dashboard in Desktop.

Cryptowatch Desktop is optimized for keeping an eye on dozens of live market feeds at once with low resource utilization on your computer. A single dashboard can be configured with multiple order books, candlestick charts, spread charts, high-level market summaries, and large price quotes – all updating in real-time. Multiple boards can be created and saved in the app for later.

Clients will notice the application is more responsive and resource-efficient compared to the typical web-based alternatives available today. Desktop is written in Rust using Elm-inspired Rust GUI framework iced. Using Rust has allowed our team to build a cross-platform application optimized for a low CPU and memory footprint, high frame rate, and stability.

These technology choices were made with one goal in mind: building something perfectly suited for all-day, full-screen market monitoring. This is what Cryptowatch has been the leader at for years, and we continue to innovate.

Traders can customize their dashboard with any choice of currently 8 module types.

What do others think about Cryptowatch Desktop?

Cryptowatch Desktop has been in early release over the last few weeks – scroll below to see what the trading community has had to say.

IAmNomad and his team thoroughly tested Desktop and wrote up a review here – at the time they tested it, the product was codenamed ‘Link’.

Happy trading, everyone.

The Cryptowatch Team

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