Board sharing is live for Cryptowatch Desktop

For over a year, our rust-native desktop application has been powering traders to build their own fully-customizable views across 10,000+ real-time markets. With the release of Cryptowatch Desktop 0.4.4, we are pleased to announce that board sharing plus a host of other quality of life improvements are now live for all Cryptowatch Desktop users.

Read our post below to find out how you can share Desktop dashboards, plus other tips and tricks to get the most out of our latest Desktop release.

Share Cryptowatch Desktop dashboards with friends

With the launch of Desktop board sharing, it’s now possible to share Desktop dashboards with friends. With this new feature, users can now import existing module layouts and configurations, instead of setting up new market dashboards completely from scratch.

Sharing is easy: simply select a Cryptowatch Desktop dashboard, open the “board management” tab and click the “share” button. At this point a unique URL is created and copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared with friends.

When sharing links are opened, users can view the dashboard name and the public username of the person who shared the link. Users can click to open the shared board directly in their Desktop application.

Create uniform dashboard layouts 

With the use of our new split module tool, creating and customizing uniform board layouts is now quick and easy. Click the new split module button (found in the top-right corner of any desktop module) and drag your cursor to select your desired column and row split.

After splitting, each module is evenly sized in the new layout. Like always, desktop modules can be re-sized or merged on the fly.

Top Tip: Hold Cmd/Ctrl to clone modules whilst using the Split Module tool 

Adjust markets & time intervals in any module 

Users can directly adjust markets and chart time intervals using a new module dropdown menu. Search selection can also include just the current exchange markets, or filtered by another exchange.

Copy & paste Desktop modules & watchlists

Using CTRL+C / CTRL+V (or CMD for MacOS), users can copy & paste entire desktop modules together with any ascociated settings. Modules can be pasted on the same or between different Desktop dashboards. 

Looking for more desktop dashboards to open? Check out a selection of boards below:

Happy Trading,
The Cryptowatch Team 

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