Cryptowatch Desktop 0.3: Keyboard Navigation, Depth Chart and More

Last October we released our new native application Cryptowatch Desktop, a response to the bloated, CPU-intensive web applications crypto traders are stuck with today. We believe trading software should be lean, fully customizable, and ultra low-latency.

This week’s 0.3 release brings big quality of life improvements, including fully featured keyboard navigation, improved hotkeys, a depth chart module, a clock module, longer-lasting user sessions, new config options and more. 

What’s New in Desktop 0.3

New Module: Depth Chart

Depth charts give traders a quick view of the liquidity of a market. Our depth charts have 5 gridline options and can be oriented in 4 directions, so you can see liquidity in the way that makes sense to you. 

They also have a legend which shows the spread and liquidity metrics as you move your crosshair.

Our depth charts oscillates in real-time and displays live stats on the bid-ask spread and order book liquidity at various market depths.

Keyboard Navigation with Command Bar

The new Command Bar enables traders to perform most operations without reaching for their mouse. Use the hotkey CTRL+K (CMD+K on Mac) to engage the Command Bar, and then start typing to invoke commands that let you switch between boards, change a module’s market, change your color scheme, and more.

The key design goal behind Desktop has always been “maximum speed” and this new feature is completely aligned with that.

Command Bar shortcut is CTRL+K (CMD+K on Mac)

New Module: Clock

The clock module was a big request from traders. Just a simple view of the time in any time zone. No more Googling “hong kong time” when Bitcoin starts dumping randomly.

Theme Switcher

You can now switch themes in the app. Creating new themes can be done in Cryptowatch Web’s theme creator – just sign in there.

Try the “Hsaka” theme from @HsakaTrades, or Wall Street – which might remind you of the old TradFi trading days. 

Saved themes are synced in real time with the Cryptowatch web platform


Desktop has a host of hotkeys already for module manipulation – pasting whole modules, pasting module settings, splitting modules, and more. This release brings a new hotkey sidebar to surface every hotkey in the app. Bring up the sidebar by typing “Help” in the Command Bar or use CTRL+/ (CMD+/ on Mac). 

Better Board Management

The new board management sidebar makes board switching, renaming, and deleting much faster. Click the board name in the header to pull out the sidebar. 

New Config Options

Every trader looks at the markets differently, so we want to provide configuration options to match. Here’s a list of all the new options enabled in the latest release:

Global Time Zone SupportChange the time zone across the app
Show Blank Levels in the Order BookSee a uniform price scale in the order book when using Grouping, including levels that have no orders sitting at them
Elapsed Time in Time & SalesSee elapsed time since a trade was made, instead of the absolute timestamp
Buy and Sell in Time & SalesMore explicit naming replacing Bid and Ask
Liquidity Level in SummaryPick what level you want to see liquidity at in the summary module
Exchange Icons in WatchlistDrop names and just use icons
Switch Sidebar LocationRight or left, it’s your choice
Crosshair Time Label on ChartsSee the time on your charts as you hover over them

Longer-Lasting User Sessions

Desktop will no longer ask you to sign in every month; your session will now remain valid indefinitely.

What’s Coming Next

The Desktop team is hard at work adding and improving modules while maintaining the same speed and ease you need in a market-monitoring app. We are thankful for all the feedback shared with the team so far, and we look forward to hearing more of it so we can refine our roadmap. 

Here are a few of the major upgrades we’re working on – no release dates yet:

  • Sharing Dashboards – Be able to share dashboards with other traders as a link
  • Better Charting Tools Apply TA and drawings to your charts in Desktop
  • Trading – A much-requested feature, trading through Desktop on every top exchange

That’s all for now. Upgrade to the new version of Desktop and get to work on the markets. 

Happy trading,

The Cryptowatch Team

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