Technical Analysis on Cryptowatch Desktop

Technical analysis (TA) tools have arrived on Cryptowatch Desktop.

Cryptowatch Desktop users can now customize their charts using a new library of TA indicators and overlays to gain deep insights on market trends. Technical analysis can be configured via a new side menu activated from any candlestick chart.

Technical Analysis: Indicators & Overlays

Users can select from over 30 indicators and chart overlays to add to any Candle Chart module. TA indicators/overlays include: VOL, RSI, MACD, SMA, EMA, WMA, Bollinger Bands & more. 

Every indicator can be configured based on source parameters, colors and line depth preferences. Indicators can also be resized and repositioned within any chart module.

Stack multiple TA Indicators together

Using our flexible TA tools library, users can create bespoke analysis by stacking multiple technical analysis tools together. An example of this is overlaying Bollinger Band analysis on the 1D volume indicator. See a demo setting this up below:

Top Tip: Charts can be shared using our zoom link style board sharing URLs. Find out more here or open the above Desktop Board yourself here.

Module Grouping and Preset Tools

With our new module grouping and settings preset tools, users can quickly change markets across multiple modules or choose from a previously saved chart setting configuration.

Users can now also Undo and Redo board actions using CTRL+Z and Shift+CTRL+Z (CMD for Mac) keyboard hotkeys while using the Desktop app.

We hope you enjoy the latest Desktop release! Tag us @cryptowat_ch on Twitter to let us know what you think, or when creating Desktop board sharing links.

Happy Trading,
The Cryptowatch Team

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