Trading on Cryptowatch Desktop is now live

The wait is finally over – Trading on Cryptowatch Desktop has arrived 🚀

Unlike many bloated, web-based trading tools, we developed Cryptowatch Desktop natively in rust for high-performance, low system utilization and ultimate flexibility. We built Cryptowatch Desktop to effortlessly run all day without straining your computer.

In our biggest Desktop release to-date, we have gone live with 3 new module types—order ticket, trade activity & ladder trading—plus several major upgrades that include drawing tools, fully custom sound packs, and last but not least, spot trading support for over 6,500 live markets across 10 supported exchanges.

Read on below to get the full lowdown on everything that is new in our much anticipated Cryptowatch Desktop 0.6.0 release.

Custom Order Tickets

Whether you prefer standard or active style order tickets, Cryptowatch Desktop now supports both:

Standard Ticket (left) and Active Ticket (right)

Our order tickets support all native order types and enables traders to open and close orders and positions of their choosing. Traders can open one order ticket module, or many at a time to create their own dashboard or module group. Each module can be customized using order ticket module presets:

Order Ticket Module Presets

For example, users can choose the standard ticket or toggle to “active mode” which allows users to quickly drop orders at market, or best bid/ask prices. Other customizable options include the ability set default profit & stop loss prices, define order durations, and select a fee currency.

Multi-Exchange Trade Activity Module

The new trade activity module provides an overview of orders, trades, and logs. Traders can use it to keep track of open orders, trade P&L, fees, positions and more.

Traders can filter and sort the Trade Activity module by exchanges, markets or other relevant criteria.

Trading with a Price Ladder

This is the big one. A feature we consider to be the first proper ladder trading experience in Crypto. The ladder module provides users a unique and intuitive trading experience to visualize market liquidity and execute orders, fast.

Instead of punching an order into an order ticket, the price ladder is spread out like an interactive order book with bids in green on the left and asks on the right:

Price ladders allow users to visualize the market like an order book, and key-in or scale orders quickly at different price intervals and order quantities.

Placing an order is as simple as clicking on any bid or ask level on the ladder. Once an order is placed, traders can one-click to remove it or drag and move it around to a different price level.  Convenient Cancel All buttons remove all existing orders off the price ladder for one or both sides of the market. 

Lastly, the last trade quantity (LTQ) column helps users keep an eye on recently filled trades. Bought orders flash green, and sell orders flash red.  

New Chart Drawing Tools

Drawing tools have also arrived on Cryptowatch Desktop charts. Desktop traders can analyze candle charts using new drawing tools that include: lines, shapes, measure and fibonaci retracements.

As previously released, traders can also add 50+ technical analysis indicators and overlays to any candle chart. Just like you would expect, TA presets and configuration can all be saved.

Sound Packs

Desktop traders can now analyze the markets not just visually, but with their ears. The latest desktop release comes bundled with 2 sounds packs (Underwater World & Arcade of the Sea) but traders also have the option to fully customize 21 sounds triggers across general controls, user orders and market data.

Apart from just selecting the ideal sounds trigger for each occasion, traders can customize volume, left/right balance and even add sound effects including distortion, reverbs and filters.

Cryptowatch Desktop Pricing

We are pleased to reveal a price structure that allows everyone to experience trading on Desktop. Traders can upgrade from free-tier to Analyst or Trader using the in-built Desktop subscriptions panel. All plans are billed using Cryptowatch Credits, with bonuses available for bulk credit purchases

Cryptowatch Desktop Subscriptions: Plans for Every Trader

Free ($0/month)

  • 3 active boards
  • 12 modules per board
  • Chart drawings and custom event sounds
  • Ladder trading & order tickets on Kraken spot markets

Analyst ($35/month or 3,500 credits)

  • 25 active boards
  • 24 modules per board
  • Chart drawings and custom event sounds
  • Ladder trading & order tickets on Kraken spot markets

Trader ($125/month or 12,500 credits)

  • 100 active boards
  • 48 modules per board
  • Chart drawings and custom event sounds
  • Ladder trading & order tickets on multiple spot market exchanges

We hope you enjoy trading on the latest iteration of Cryptowatch Desktop. After 3 years of development, we believe Cryptowatch Desktop is positioned to be the ultimate low-latency trading tool to analyze crypto markets and execute trades across every major exchange.

Our team can’t wait to see what you think. Make sure to tag us @cryptowat_ch on Twitter with feedback, or if you are sharing your trading alpha via Desktop board sharing links.

Happy Trading

The Cryptowatch Team

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