Cryptowatch Launches Free Trading

Cryptowatch has released exchange trading as a free feature to all account holders. 

Traders can use the Cryptowatch platform to execute and monitor trades at leading crypto exchanges including: 

This functionality was previously only available for Basic or Pro tier accounts, paying $15 or $75 a month, but is now free for all current and new account holders.

All account holders will now have access to the right-hand side trade execution panel

Why should I trade using Cryptowatch?

The Cryptowatch trading terminal gives traders one screen to chart, trade, and monitor crypto markets across exchanges with unique visual trading features, powerful alerts and a unified portfolio view. 

Trade 1,600+ markets from one place

After connecting their exchange accounts, traders can execute orders on over 300 assets on 1,600 markets, across 6 different supported exchanges.

The Cryptowatch trade execution panel can be found on the right-hand side of any chart from a market on any of our 6 trading-enabled exchanges. On this panel, all orders, trades, and open positions can be monitored and created.

Use Cryptowatch’s advanced visual trading features  

On Cryptowatch, traders have the ability to set a variety of order types (market, limit, stop loss, etc) and parameters (expiry, conditional close, etc).

Trade execution panel for Kraken BTC/USD

However, the trading experience doesn’t stop at order entry. Once orders have been entered, traders can make adjustments to unfilled orders by simply dragging them across the y-axis of the price chart or depth chart.

This feature can help traders make quick adjustments to optimize entries and exits in fast-moving markets. 

When combined with other visual trading features like historical order fill overviews (see example below), Cryptowatch can deliver a superior trading experience compared to many native exchange trading interfaces.

The green and red dots show when buy or sell positions were filled in the market

Monitor your trading and portfolio history 

With Cryptowatch’s portfolio view, traders can see an aggregated list of exchange holdings, orders, positions, and historical trades. For all unfilled orders, traders can track metrics like distance to fill— handy to see how close you are to having your orders filled.

One sign-in to access all your exchanges

Once their Cryptowatch account is set up, traders can sign in just once to monitor and execute trades across multiple connected exchanges. 

Dodge exchange outages by trading through your exchanges’ API

By trading through Cryptowatch, your orders are managed through the APIs of each exchange. This means you would be unaffected in the scenario that your exchange’s website goes offline due to high load. Cryptowatch boasts a 99.9% uptime. 

Check our platform status and uptime here.


Ready to start trading on Cryptowatch?

For a four-step guide on how to quickly get a new account set up and connected to trade (at a supporting exchange), check out our new How to Set up Free Trading on Cryptowatch blog post.

For all other comments or feedback, please either leave a reply below or contact us at @Cryptowat_ch on Twitter. 

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