The Cryptowatch mobile app has arrived

For over 7 years, traders have relied on Cryptowatch for real-time charts and alerts for thousands of crypto markets. We are over the moon to announce that Cryptowatch now has a mobile app.

Much like our blazing fast Desktop application, our mobile app has been built for speed and performance. Our new app seamlessly syncs your market watchlist with Cryptowatch web and pushes price and volume notifications created anywhere across the Cryptowatch platform.

Just like our web and desktop products, Cryptowatch on mobile lets you check prices and monitor order books from over 10,000 markets from 30+ supported exchanges.

Other cool mobile features include daily watchlist mover updates (sent at 9 o’clock each morning), active and triggered alert logs, iOS home screen price widgets, and the ability to personalize the way your charts look from 19 different app theming options.

What do others think about Cryptowatch Mobile?

Cryptowatch Mobile has been in early release over the last few weeks – scroll below to see what the trading community thinks so far. 

What’s coming next to Cryptowatch mobile? 

Next for the mobile app, we are adding many of the popular tools available to web traders, like Portfolio, multi-exchange trading and upgraded charting experiences.

Tag us @cryptowat_ch on Twitter and let us know what you think.

Happy Trading,

The Cryptowatch Team 

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