Cryptowatch Social: Crypto’s new community platform

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Let’s break the corporate “fourth wall” for just a moment. No lies, no bullshit. Just you and us, the team behind Cryptowatch.

Let’s have a conversation.

At Cryptowatch, we take pride in building the best charting and trading platform in crypto.. But there’s a lot more to trading than just viewing markets and placing orders.

Candidly, there’s more we could be doing…

The Mission: Cryptowatch to become the all-in-one utility for Web3 and crypto.

This means expanding outside of core trading & charting functionality. We want to be the place where key discussions happen, and where emerging cultures grow out of a solid foundation of trust amongst the community.

We want to embody Crypto Twitter ethos. We want to build with you.

That’s why we’re working on a social platform.

So Why Social?

The crypto fam started on Twitter & we want to preserve that culture.

We’ve met with thousands of degens to understand the community’s needs. We learned that the current social tools are compromised, filled with bad actors & scammers slowly poisoning & strangle culture.

Integrating our features is only the beginning. We’re building a forum where trading & discussion happen in real time.

Anyone with an interest in crypto will be able to create meaningful interactions, contribute & participate in communities, & discover vibrant content.

Let’s work on a better crypto future together. Here’s how we’ll do it:

We’ll build the most trustworthy crypto community by inviting reputable personalities in the crypto space to have a voice on our platform, with features to help users determine who they can trust.

We’ll focus on content.

We welcome discourse. This community discusses topics that are not handled anywhere else. Cryptowatch Social will be the place to learn and discuss. Our goal is to amplify quality content, without surrendering control to custodial tooling.

We’ll focus on creator success.

Creators are the lifeblood of social platforms. They’re traders, NFT collectors, artists, intellectuals, and more.

Cryptowatch Social will be a major hub that focuses on creator needs. We’ll work together to navigate the challenges of building an audience & provide resources and utilities to help creators invest in their brand.

But we need your help to shape the future.

What’s Next?

We have the fundamental components to uniquely solve for pain points that cannot be addressed well by other social platforms:

  • Connected exchanges with wallet integration will allow for more transparency into the people you follow. Do they actually hold those coins? You’ll know if they don’t. Did they actually make that trade? You’ll know if they did.
  • We believe creators who choose to share their portfolio holdings and trades will be able to build more trust with the community than those who don’t. For traders who want privacy, we are still a privacy-first platform. Nothing will be shared unless you want it to be.
  • Charts, technical analysis, and market data that are offered on Cryptowatch are commonly shared in discussions around crypto on social media. We believe that trades are content and that there is potential to drive conversations around them.

How can we better facilitate these conversations?

Let’s continue the conversation on Cryptowatch.

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