How to Trade Through Cryptowatch for Free

Traders can now execute and monitor trades at leading crypto exchanges through the advanced charting and trade execution tools offered on Cryptowatch for free. 

If you want to know more about what free trading means or why you should start trading through Cryptowatch, check out our free trading launch blog post here.

However, if you want to know how to set up a new account and start trading through Cryptowatch, check out the four steps below.

Step 1: Create a Cryptowatch account

Create a free Cryptowatch account here to get started.

All we require is an email, username & password to create your account. No KYC of any sort.

Basic and Pro accounts come with added functionality such as SMS alerts

Step 2: Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for secure sign-in

To keep your account secure, you will need to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your account. Enabling MFA is required before you can connect your exchanges to Cryptowatch. The Account Security page walks you through the simple setup steps. 

Cryptowatch supports two forms of multi-factor authentication: TOTP (like Google Authenticator) and U2F (like Yubikey hardware keys). For more information about securing your account, check out our guide.

Step 3: Connect your exchanges

To begin trading through Cryptowatch, you will need to connect your exchanges via API keys that will be imported into the Cryptowatch platform. This is very simple to do – you will simply copy and paste some text from your exchange.

Paste in an API key from each exchange that you use on your Account Exchange Keys page.

For more information on connecting exchange accounts and best practices for API key security, check out our guide on How to connect exchange accounts.

For specific instructions on how to connect to Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Coinbase Pro or Poloniex, see more detailed guides below:

What it looks like after an exchange is connected to you account

Step 4: Executing an order

When an exchange has been successfully connected to a Cryptowatch account, traders can navigate to one of their exchange’s market pages where they have funds deployed to start trading. 

Once on a chart, traders can customize their terminal set up to include a price chart, depth chart, order book, trade feeds, and a trade panel on the far right-hand side.

Trade Panel may need to be toggled from the right hand side

In the trade panel, all orders, trades, and open positions can be monitored and created for the current market. 

Depending on what’s available at your exchange, you can create orders that include limit, market, stop loss, take profit, and even advanced order types such as expiring orders or customizable conditional closes.

Trade execution panel for Kraken BTC/USD

After orders have been placed, they can then be visualized and even adjusted directly on the price chart.

Here’s a more detailed overview of how to trade on the Cryptowatch chart.

If you get stuck or have any further questions for us, please comment below or tweet @Cryptowat_ch.

Happy Trading.

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