Kraken’s Report on The Great Wealth Transfer

According to the latest Kraken Intelligence report, the Baby Boomer generation will pass on almost $70 trillion in wealth to Generation X and Millennials over the next 15 years. And that’s in the U.S. alone. 

The research report outlines how differences in investment behavior across generations will also mean a shift in the assets these new owners of wealth choose to invest in. For example, both Gen X and Millennials experienced the Great Financial Crisis and subsequent bank bailouts in the prime of their careers, and both generations grew up handling an accelerating pace of technological change.

As investors, these generations are likely more cautious and more savvy when it comes to investments and technology, the very intersection occupied by Bitcoin in the minds of many. As such, Bitcoin stands to benefit.

In Kraken’s new research report, the Kraken Intelligence team dives in to:

  • The history of Bitcoin’s growth versus other technological innovations and investable asset classes.
  • How Bitcoin fits the unique temperament of the younger generations set to inherit the largest wealth transfer in history.
  • An estimation of the impact of this wealth transfer on Bitcoin’s price.

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