NFT Markets on Cryptowatch

GM NFT traders 🙂

We are delighted to announce that NFTs have arrived on Cryptowatch! Figure out when it’s time to sweep the floor using NFT price alerts , floor price charts and our new NFT market screener.

Whether you want to monitor trade volume on ape NFTs, or chart floor prices in Decentraland, Cryptowatch has the NFT market data you need. Find out if an NFT looks rare or if you just like the JPEG!

NFT floor price charts can be found using the global Cryptowatch search bar

NFT Market Screener

Our new NFT screener features trading data from all the top collections. Real-time data is displayed from the OpenSea marketplace. We currently support Ethereum-based NFTs and will be adding collections from other blockchains and marketplaces as well.

It’s probably nothing, but we built our screener to have the most comprehensive list of NFT market data possible. We include NFT sales and trade volume (24H, 7D and 30D), a collection’s total volume and average unit sale price, plus stats for market cap, total assets and owners. All prices are listed (as you would expect) in ETH.

Alpha: Use the search bar to find NFT collections or filter by any of our 19 market data columns. From the screener, click on a collection to go to the floor price chart or use the 🔔 in the first column to set price alerts directly from the side bar. Here’s how to set an alert:

Floor Price Charts

Our real-time NFT floor price charts are also denominated in ETH. As with any Cryptowatch chart, you can set alerts, layer over technical analysis indicators, add drawings or even paste on tweet stickers.

See some recent analysis we did using NFT floor price charts posted on Twitter:

We hope you enjoy analyzing NFT markets on Cryptowatch. Make sure to tag us @cryptowat_ch on Twitter with charts and suggestions on NFT collections to list next.

Happy JPEG trading,

The Cryptowatch Team

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