Our Biggest Release Yet

Watch prices and trade on the beautiful charts and data visualizations of Cryptowat.ch — a trading terminal backed by the security of Kraken.

At Cryptowatch, we make a clean, no-fuss interface for charting and trading cryptos on all your favorite exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, and more. Plus, we’re backed by the most secure exchange in crypto, Kraken.

Today, we release several new products to help everyone from the hodler to the technical trader continue to find an edge. Here are a few of the new things you can do with Cryptowatch:

  • Trade just about any signal with order submission through Zapier.
  • Learn from and share with other traders on Chat.
  • Access real-time and historical market data in your Google Sheets with Cryptofinance.ai’s premium packages, now bundled in to Cryptowatch.
  • Stream market data from 26 top exchanges in to your app or trading algorithm with our WebSocket API.
  • Customize the look, feel, and candle style of your Cryptowatch interface with Custom Themes.
  • Zoom around the site without a mouse using our Command Line Interface (aka CLI).

We’ve fit all this functionality in to three simple tiers: Free, Basic, and Pro. We want everyone from the price watcher to the technically-inclined trading shop to find value in Cryptowatch’s unique interface and information.

Click the image below to get started, or read on for more info on these features.

New Plans for Cryptowatch

Everything we shipped today

Buy or sell on any of 1,500+ actions with Zapier and Cryptowatch

Set up a Zapier action to place a buy or sell order based on any of Zapier’s thousands of triggers — allowing you to dollar-cost average in to 400+ cryptos, place buy or sell orders based on tweets or emails, and much more. You can get it all running in minutes. Learn more about our Zapier integration here.

Get it at Cryptowatch Pro.

Cryptowatch Trade Ticket in Zapier

Shoot the shit(coins) with Cryptowatch Chat

Chat about the markets, vent about your rekt positions, drop a bunch of sun emojis every morning… whatever you like, as long as you’re civil. We want our clients to learn from each other and be able to find entertainment in every type of market. Learn more about chat, aka the Trollbox, here.

Get it at Cryptowatch Basic and Pro.

Build custom portfolio trackers and indicators in Google Sheets with Cryptofinance.ai

Cryptowatch partnered with Cryptofinance.ai to provide real-time market data on thousands of markets right in Google Sheets. Build custom indicators, dashboards of top coins, configurable portfolio tools, and more. Our product and dev teams identified this as a key integration to help you do more with crypto market data — we’re excited to see what you come up with. Here’s more information on the partnership.

At Cryptowatch Basic, you unlock Cryptofinance’s Data Availability Service($10/month value).

At Cryptowatch Pro, you unlock Cryptofinance’s Historical Data plan ($39/month value).

Connect to 26 exchanges over one lightning fast WebSocket API

Power arbitrage, market making, and more high-frequency trading strategies across exchanges. We’re doing all the maintenance to keep 26 exchanges online around the clock so you can focus on optimizing your trading strategies, not working with different APIs. Market data streaming is supported now, and trading over WebSocket is in the works. Read more about the WebSocket API on our documentation.

Get it at Cryptowatch Pro.

All 26 exchanges supported by Cryptowatch

Visualize data exactly how you like with custom themes

Pick 7 colors to represent your charts and interface with the new custom theme picker. Make the down candles green, toggle filled and hollow candles, recreate our famous Halloween theme, or emulate Bloomberg (we call it “work mode”). Find out more about custom themes here.

Get it at Cryptowatch Basic and Pro.

Zoom around Cryptowatch without your mouse using our Command Line Interface (CLI)

With CLI, you can navigate to any page using a simple command like “g btc”. Our interface has always been for power traders, and sometimes grabbing your mouse is just too slow. Try typing a command in the CLI on the bottom right of any page. “help” is your friend. Read more about the CLI here.

CLI is available to everyone.

Ready to start trading like a pro?

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