Share Your Charts and Analysis on Cryptowatch Community – Now Easier Than Ever

Cryptowatch is excited to introduce a seamless new way to share your charts and analysis with the Cryptowatch community. Now you can post your annotated charts directly from Cryptowatch web to your Cryptowatch community feed, available exclusively on the Cryptowatch mobile app

Demo sharing a chart snapshot from the Cryptowatch web interface

Sharing Charts with the Cryptowatch Community

To share your charts on Cryptowatch community, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Cryptowatch mobile app and set up your profile.
  2. On Cryptowatch web, create your chart with optional technical analysis and annotations.
  3. Click “Share” and then “Post to CW Community”, add optional market commentary and finally publish to your Cryptowatch feed.
  4. After your post is created, you’ll receive a green notification banner (top-right corner) with a URL to see your live post!
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Note: Our full feature community experience is only available on the Cryptowatch mobile app for now. You will need to login on Cryptowatch mobile to see replies, reactions and engage with others around your post. 

Benefits of Sharing Charts on Cryptowatch Community

By sharing your charts and analysis on Cryptowatch community, you can:

  • Get Feedback: Receive valuable insights and feedback on your trade ideas and analysis from fellow traders and experts.
  • Collaborate: Engage in discussions with other traders, share ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Grow as a Trader: Improve your trading kills by exploring diverse perspectives and strategies within the community.
  • Save Time: With the easy “Share” feature, it takes just a few clicks to share your charts and analysis with your audience on Cryptowatch 
  • QR Code Feature: To make it even more convenient, once you’ve created a post, users can scan a QR code from the post to land directly on the post in the Cryptowatch mobile app. 
Posts from CW community can also be shared as unfurling URLs on Twitter

Join the Cryptowatch Community Today

Download the Cryptowatch mobile app, set up your profile, and start sharing your charts and analysis with the Cryptowatch community. Collaborate with fellow traders, get feedback on your ideas, and grow together in the ever changing world of crypto trading 🤝

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