Technical Analysis (TA) Alerts: Simple Moving Average (SMA)

Cryptowatch has launched technical analysis (TA) alerts as a feature to all traders, starting with alerts on price crosses over the Simple Moving Average (SMA) indicator.

With the use of this new tool, traders can set browser, email or SMS alerts for simple moving average (SMA) and price crossover events. This adds a new alert type to our price and volume threshold alerts that are active on Cryptowatch today. 

In the post below, you will learn how to enable and use SMA alerts in the Cryptowatch trading terminal.

How to Set Technical Analysis (TA) Alerts in Cryptowatch

After creating a free account, traders can set alerts by navigating towards the alerts panel located in the top right-hand side of the main charting display. Here’s a Kraken BTCUSD chart  – we have over 5,000 other markets you can monitor from over 25 exchanges. 

Once the alerts overview tab has been selected, new alerts can be created by pressing the “Create Alert” button. From this window traders can create either price, volume or TA alerts. 

Click TA, then select a market, alert type (only SMA for now) and whether the alert triggers when price crosses “Above” or “Below” a given SMA interval and period. Enter the SMA interval and period. 

After values are chosen, alert triggers can be set to go off in either the browser, by SMS to your phone or via email. 

All alert types (across multiple markets) can be reviewed and amended in the alerts control panel. 

Alert control panel can be accessed using the highlighted alert icon

When to Use SMA Alerts

Simple moving average alerts can be helpful to all different types of traders—from long-term analysts to short term scalpers.

Check out our guide on How to Scalp Trade on Cryptowatch here

Price crosses above and below an SMA can help traders decide if a particular market is in a bullish or bearish phase. 

In volatile markets, price is continuously crossing above and below SMA indicators. If a setup is spotted where a particular SMA has been respected for a length of time, a break outside this SMA could offer an opportunistic scalp trader a signal to go long or short in the market. 

For example, in the above BTCEUR market, a TA alert could help a trader spot a potential pullback or breakout when the price crosses above or below the 50 or 200 period SMA.  

Alert for cross below the 50SMA on a 15m period

Alert for cross above the 200SMA on a 15m period

We hope you enjoy trying out Cryptowatch’s new TA alerts in your own trading setup. This feature is the first in a soon to be expanding technical analysis alerts library.

We have many more TA alerts planned for release in the near future. If you have suggestions on what our next TA alert should be or how it will work – please let us know in the comments below or @Cryptowat_ch on Twitter. 

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