5 Ways to Use Alert Names and Notes

The Automation and Alerting team at Cryptowatch recently added the ability to name your alerts and add notes to them which display in the SMS, email, or in-terminal notification when the alert triggers.

Other than allowing you to hype up your future self or deal out a comforting message to help you cope, these names and notes will help traders remember why they set a particular alert and what that alert triggering means for their trading strategy.

In this post, we will cover 5 ways that traders can use alert names and notes to help find an edge in the market.

#1 – Buy and Sell Signals

With Cryptowatch alerts on price, volume, and TA, traders get instant notifications when the markets start to move. However, one movement across a specific indicator or over a certain threshold often isn’t enough to signal a good entry or exit – skilled traders will use several indicators to make up their minds.

Alert Notes can be up to 200 characters in length.

With names and notes, you can tell yourself whether a certain alert was a bullish or bearish sign with the name, and use the note to indicate what other signals you should check before evaluating your next market move.

#2 – Grow Clout with Tweet Links 

Want to be the first person to let everybody know about the new Bitcoin all-time high? By pasting a pre-written tweet hyperlink into your alert notes, you are just 2 clicks away from celebrating first on Twitter. For example, click this URL to populate a new tweet with:

To create your own tweet URL link combine the below link with a block of text that has been URL encoded – Try this free Encoder/Decoder tool.

Add your encoded text to: https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=

Here’s a ‘hello world’ example: https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=Hello%20World 

Simply paste this link in your alert notes, and then click on it in the alert when it arrives via SMS or email – if you’re logged in to Twitter, your new tweet draft will automatically appear, ready to send.

Note: Currently alert note hyperlinks only work for SMS and email alerts. Browser alert hyperlinks are not currently supported.

#3 – Link to Trade from Mobile

When an alert arrives, it’s nice to be able to follow up by immediately hopping into the relevant market. By dropping a Cryptowatch market URL into your alert notes, you can jump directly back into the price action from our mobile SMS alerts. 

Pro Tip: You can include time interval periods for any Cryptowatch chart URL. For example this link takes you to the 4 hour Dogecoin USD Kraken chart. Watch the URL change as you adjust your chart’s time interval using the top left hand side toolbar.

#4 – Remind Yourself of Key Volume Levels

We’re all paying attention to and hearing about key price levels – but not key volume levels. So if you set a volume alert, it’s hard to sometimes remember why that volume level mattered.

But now by combining our 1-click volume alerts with alert notes, traders can quickly set up reminders for when trade volume is hitting new highs or significant levels.

#5 – Buying the Dip

So your bags are packed and you are ready for lambo land, but is everyone aboard the crypto rocketship? 

We all have friends and family who flat out refuse to dollar cost average, and must instead attempt to buy the next market pullback.

Well next time the price is dipping to a weekly or monthly support, set an alert note to remind a loved one that now is the perfect (and maybe last) time to BTFD!

We hope you have fun finding novel uses for our new alert names and notes feature. Share your creative market alert ideas with the community by tagging us @Cryptowat_ch on Twitter.

Happy trading,

The Cryptowatch Team 

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