Introducing Tweet Stickers

We’ve released a new feature called Tweet Stickers! Copy and paste the URL to a tweet into our charting interface to embed it directly on the price chart.

How to embed Tweets into Cryptowatch charts?

Step 1: Copy a Tweet URL, Step 2: Paste it into a Cryptowatch chart

Tweet Stickers are visually anchored on the chart to the original time of the tweet. There’s no way to change that anchoring – it’s a verifiable way to show when a tweet happened relative to the price history.

Multiple tweets can be added to a chart – this can be used to tell a story.

To delete a Tweet Sticker, right click on the top part of it and select the “Remove Drawing” option.

Moving and deleted a tweet sticker with the right-click context menu

After you put together a collage of tweets, use the chart snapshot tool (the top right hand side “Share” button) to capture your chart and export as a PNG – save it or share it on Twitter!

Try it out today, and tag us with your creations Twitter! @cryptowat_ch

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