Get Instant Price Alerts with the New Cryptowatch Twitter Bot

Want to get crypto price alerts directly on Twitter? Look no further than the new Cryptowatch Bot on Twitter! With just a simple tweet, you can set price and other crypto market alerts directly on your Twitter feed.

Creating an alert with @Cryptowatch_Bot is easy. Simply write a tweet with the asset symbol or market, indicated by a # or $ sign, and the price you want to be alerted about.

Example: "Hey @cryptowatch_bot let me know when #btc hits 30,000 again!"

But @Cryptowatch_Bot doesn’t stop there.

You can also set movement alerts, triggered when the price of an asset moves up or down by a certain percentage or absolute value. This feature also allows you to specify the period in which the movement should happen, with time periods such as 1 minute to 1 week.

Example: "Feeling bullish, lmk wen #btc up by 5% 1m @cryptowatch_bot"

Hold Crypto Twitter Accountable

If you’re feeling confident in your crypto predictions, @Cryptowatch_Bot also offers prediction alerts. Simply tweet your prediction of an asset’s future price and the date or time when it will reach that price, including the words “prediction” or “bet” in the tweet.

Example: "I bet #btc will hit 30k by the next month @cryptowatch_bot"

You can also call our other people’s crypto predictions.

Respond to someone else’s prediction with an asset/market, a prediction date, price, and #makeaccountable. Cryptowatch bot will reply on the date to let you know if the price prediction was right or wrong, and by how much. 

Don’t waste any more time constantly checking the crypto market. Let Cryptowatch Bot do the work for you with its easy-to-use, customizable alerts.

Give it a try today and never miss a market update again!

The Cryptowatch Team

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