We’re hiring Product Managers to grow Cryptowatch

We have six job openings at Cryptowatch for Product Managers. We’re looking for people who have an obsession with building software, obnoxious attention to detail, and a strong intuition for user experience.

You will be working every day with developers, designers, and project managers. You will be making lots of product decisions and documenting them in lots of product specs. You will be talking to customers and shipping customer-facing changes constantly. You will be exposed to the ridiculous and hilarious antics of the crypto markets every waking hour of your life. The jobs are remote, but a sleep schedule lining up with North America’s is strongly preferred.

You will be the person ultimately responsible for the success or failure – the growth or stagnation – of your section of our product.

If you think this sounds like fun, check out the job descriptions below:

Product Manager, Trade Execution

Product Manager, Portfolio

Product Manager, Accounts & Payments

Product Manager, Market Data

Product Manager, Community

Product Manager, Mobile

These are very influential and important positions on the Cryptowatch team. We look forward to considering your applications!

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